Secret Healer's Business

How to Develop your Skills, Work with Clients and Build a Successful Healing Business

Are you ready to take your healing business to the next level? Would you like to know how to avoid taking on other people's energy and how to work with clients professionally? Are you interested in building your intuitive and psychic skills in a fun and simple way? Do you wonder how to charge authentically for your services without feeling like a fraud?

Book Interview

Keryn joins Kate Delaney from America Tonight Radio 

for a brief discussion about her book. 

Discover the 3 Main Reasons Healer's Struggle to get Clients and how to overcome these issues so you can grow your healing business authentically and exponentially!

Take a deep dive into the world of professional healing. This dynamic 2-day workshop is an experiential journey providing participants with the space to clear blocks, shift energy and learn about this industry from someone who has been immersed in it for decades. 

 Keryn's unique perspectives and approach to healing, along with her intuitive insights will guide you to discover all that you are and how you can shine your light in the world while providing the best service for others in a fulfilling and rewarding way.

Meet The Author

Keryn Lee is a professional Healer, Spiritual & Personal Development Teacher, Speaker and Author. She lives in Adelaide, South Australia and teaches and facilitates clients all over the world. 

Would you like to do the work you love, feel fulfilled spiritually and rewarded financially, and contribute to society in a meaningful way? 

Secret Healer's Business gives you the Insider Secrets!