Secret Healer's Business

Transformational 2-day Masterclass

Discover the Secrets to Creating a Successful Healing Business

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a successful healer?

Are you struggling to get clients?

Do you feel intimidated by others in the industry and wonder if you're good enough?

Are you confused about how to get started?

Do you struggle about what to charge for your services or feel guilty receiving money?

There are so many wonderful healers like yourself who hold back from 

doing the work they love because of fears and doubts.

 This masterclass can help change all that.

Masterclass includes:

  • Developing your Intuitive and Psychic Abilities
  • How to avoid taking on other people's energy
  • How to set fees that honour you and your client
  • Authentic marketing and client attraction
  • Theta downloads to improve psychic abilities
  • Powerful exercises to improve skills and release blocks
  • · Energy clearing to release common "healer" blocks 
  • Superconscious Recodes to release resistance to your goals
  • Simple, effective tools to exponentialize your creating!

In this powerful intensive Keryn takes you through what she has learned over the

past decade as a professional healer—from working at psychic expos to opening

her own healing studio and global online business - and helps you clear deep-seated blocks that limit your potential to be a successful healer.




Feb 11th & 12th 2023

Held at ONLINE via Zoom

9.30 am — 4.30 pm


(You'll be added to a waiting list until the registration 

link is provided in January.)